The Creative Semiotics Logo

The crowdsourced Creative Semiotics logo is an example of deliberately embedding meanings into brand identity via signs. The desired brand values of the consultancy are authenticity, innovation and internationalism - the logo is a condensation of these.

The Creative Semiotic logo is a modified and contemporized version of a West African symbol nkyimkyim. The original Adinkra symbol signified versatility, dynamism and change. This is its spirit but it is also significant that strength that is also open to many other interpretations. It has been interpreted as a Mayan rune, a hexagram from the i-ching, or a heavily pixellated early arcade game character.

The most powerful brands are complex and imbued with multiple connotations for customers. You may notice if you look more closely that the logo also cunningly contains the letters C & S for Creative Semiotics embedded within it.