Creative Semiotics
Semiotic thinking group

Chris is founder of the Semiotic Thinking Group on Linkedin. The Semiotic Thinking Group is a forum set up by Chris Arning in March 2010 for members to ‘dedicated to exchanging ideas, theories and reading, analysing cultural artefacts together and sharing experiences using semiotics. it is one of the most intelligent and active professional network groups on Linkedin and it has grown to number over 3600 members. Please go ahead and join us.


Chris is co-founder of the Semiotic conference subtitled ‘A celebration of Semiotic Thinking’. Semiofest is an annual event for sharing, learning and networking around semiotics. It is meant to be a festival of semiotics, so while we insist on great content, we also like to have fun. Topics shared at Semiofest range from cultural trends,design thinking, brand creation case studies, methodology development as well as creative inspiration slots. The first Semiofest was held in London in 2012. It has since been held in Barcelona, Shanghai and Paris. It will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, June 2016.

reading list
If you want to find out more about semiotics, here are some recommended readings:
  • Danesi, Marcel The Quest for Meaning (U of T Press, 2007)
  • Daniel Chandler Semiotics for Beginners good online primer on semiotics (launch)
  • Lawes, Rachel ‘Demystifying Semiotics’ (1999)
  • Crow, David Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics (AVA Books, 2007)
  • Hall, Stuart Representation and Signifying Practices (Sage, 1993)
  • Mollerup, Per Marks of Excellence (Phaidon; 1999)
  • Jean Marie Floch Semiotics, Marketing and Communication (Palgrave, 2001)
  • Arning, Chris & Dr. Alex Gordon ‘Sonic Semiotics: Sound and Music in Marketing Communications’ (ESOMAR, 2006)
  • Williamson, Judith Decoding Advertisement (London; Marion Boyars: 1979)
  • Arvidsson, A. Brands: Meaning and Value in Media Culture (London: Routledge: 2005)
  • Oswald, Laura Marketing Semiotics: Signs, Strategies and Brand Value (Oxford: OUP: 2010)
  • Holt, Douglas & Douglas Cameron Cultural Strategy (Oxford: OUP: 2011)
  • Rowland, Greg ‘The Slag of All Semioticians’ (MRS Paper, 2003)
Here are some thinkpieces and papers that will be of interest to those who want to go deeper into semiotics