The Challenge

SAB Miller wanted to revamp their Bonding Benchmark brands globally with a premium freshness benefit. This was required in order to meet the challenge of both discounting and craft beer revolution. The challenge was to develop a creative platform rooted in a category and cultural analysis that could support and differentiate this prospective new variant. This creative platform needed to include a name for variants common to all brands as well as a key visual to be used on both the product bottle and label.

Semiotic Role

The analysis of this project spanned three stages. The first stage was an in depth piece of semiotics work addressing the cultural representation of freshness across 4 markets. In the second stage we worked with crowdsourcing agency eYeka to crowdsource ideas linked to the idea of fresh sociability through their creative community. The third stage saw us combine cultural and category insight to devise different ways of communicating unpasteurised freshness through bottle, label design and through pack iconography.


Visualised strategic territories and a thinkpiece on unpasteurized symbols fed into the launch of new packaging for Timosoreana by the design agency Nude. The overall work stream fed into a global positioning territory which represented 46% of SABMiller’s Revenue. As a result of the work, at least 3 markets changed pack design and launching new variants in the space that the analysis helped to dimensionalise.